In addition to a global brand serving travelers all over the world, Trip-Smart provides travel fulfillment to many international travel companies.

Trip-Smart offers a range of services including:

Technology—strategic planning, architecture, configuration as well as vendor recommendation

Supplier Relations——we can either introduce or more likely use our existing relationship (assuming we provide fulfillment)

Fulfillment—from turn-key, deep linking into a private label where we provide all other aspects of fulfillment to any single component listed below:

  • Private Label Solutions
  • API's
Inventory—utilize our connection to:
  • GDS'
  • Direct hotel
  • Hotel Aggregators
  • Car inventory
  • Tours and Activities
Fulfillment Services
  • Ticket Printing
  • Refunds/Exchanges
Back Office Reporting
  • Full automated portal where you can run scheduled reports or ad-hoc reports to your data
  • Customer look up
  • Export user details for marketing
Customer Service
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat Support
  • Telephone Support

Feel free to call us to discuss +1.864.325.2379 or email mputman@trip-smart.com